Committee Contact details

Damien Brazel

Vice President
Amanda Ongania


Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Gemma Hansen

Coach coordinator

Wal Murdoch

Property officer

General Committee

Patrick Willix

Carolyn Priestly

Toni Matulick

Alyssa Krause


Join the Cats Committee

Our club only functions with the time and effort contributed by volunteers.  We are always looking for more people to help us run our great club.  It doesn't matter if this is your first year with the Cats or if you've been around for a while.  We welcome all people and rest assured, we can find a job for you. 

Some of our current Committee are coming to the end of their terms and we need more people to get involved.  The key positions we will have vacant for 2022 are listed below with an overview of the role. 

If you would like to have a discussion about what is involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of our existing Committee. 

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Committee Positions


  • Act as an Ambassador, advocate and promoter of the Club.

  • Ensure that the Club operates in a financially responsible and accountable manner.

  • Ensure that the Club acts legally, morally and ethically in all its dealings. 

  • Oversee the running of the club and be the direct point of contact.

  • Provide advice and guidance for Committee Members and is responsible for assisting the committee in their duties of improving the Club and its facilities.

  • Responsible for running and co-ordinating Committee meetings and ensuring that the Club Constitution and Rules are adhered to within those meetings.

  • Liaise with governing bodies, associates and others in order to enhance the running and development of the club and advise and deal with club matters as and when required



  • Is responsible for discharging the stewardship function over all Club funds.

  • Setting and maintaining the accounts of the Club to track financial activities.

  • Reporting monthly to the Committee on Club financial performance.

  • Preparing the Club budget annually and for establishing and monitoring internal control mechanisms and procedures.  

  • Assisting with the setting of annual registration fees based on projected costs Acting as the principal point of contact between the Club and its Banker and managing the Banking relationship.

  • Acting as one of the Club signatories to all Club accounts. 

  • Acting as the principal “payer” of accounts rendered to the Club for services and goods that it buys or consumes.


Coaches Coordinator

  • Organise and recommend to committee for approval the appointment of coaches across all age groups.

  • Represent club at AFL Canberra designated football ops meetings

  • Organise preseason and season proper training allocations

  • Proactively develop and set in place training programs for coaches and players that enables transition through the club age groups.

  • Develop and encourage a Belco Cats brand of football across all age groups.


Social Events & Functions Coordinator

  • Organise the clubs social events.

  • Generate new ideas for social events and develop new social activities for players and families.

  • Scheduling end of season club B&F presentation events.

Sponsorship and Fundraising

  • Approach and engage existing club sponsors to continue sponsorship in 2022.

  • Identify and approach local business, community members for new sponsorship.

  • Identify and promote other fundraising opportunities for the club.

  • Identify and apply for funding opportunities for players and club facilities