Club Awards

Perpetual Trophies

Shirley Stewart Trophy for senior player of the year

2019  James Berryman and Lachlan Smith
2018  Amelia Willix
2017  Jack Hynes
2016  Joseph Kenna
2015  Harry Shelton
2014  Adam Lamb

Matthew Reynolds Trophy for junior development

2019  Dylan Nagle
2018  Ossie Terron
2017  Stu Richardson
2016  Matt Smith
2015  Andrew Smith
2014  Steve Mahar

John Williams Memorial Award for volunteer of the year

2019  Amanda Ongania
2018  Liz Berryman
2017  Adam Garrett and Natalie Seears
2016  Nicole Thorne
2015  Brett Yeomans
2014  Anne-Maree Brennan


Jared Griffiths Memorial Award for commitment and dedication

2019  Ryan Rickard
2018  Jamie Perceval
2017  Steven Magnussen

Denis Axelby Trophy for U15 best and fairest

2019  Zac Smith
2018  Mackinley Miller
2017  Lachlan Seears

Phil Hargraves Trophy for U14 best and fairest

2019  Patrick Walker and Will Axelby (tie)
2018  Zac Smith
2017  Ryan Murphy
2016  Lachlan Seears


Rob Kelly Trophy for U13 best and fairest

2019  Flynn Read
2018  Will Axelby (Panthers), Oliver Withers (Cougars)
2017  Josh Porter
2016  Harry Ryan-Baker
2015  William Cattle

U12 Trophy for best and fairest

2019  Noah Smith (Panthers), Riley Hansen (Cougars)
2018  Oliver Withers
2017  Will Axelby
2016  Chris Mecham
2015  Mackinley Miller
2014  Will Cattle

Mike Watson Trophy for U11 best and fairest

2019  Harry Sincock
2018  Riley Hansen
2017  Flynn Read
2016  Oliver Withers
2015  Zac Smith
2014  Harry Ryan-Baker



Runner-up best & fairest – Josh Porter
Coach’s award – Caleb Henderson-Connell and Abshirbile Noor
Most improved – Ethan Lawrence

Runner-up best & fairest – Ben Lum
Coach’s award – Jamie Ellwood
Most consistent – Nathan Wind
Best in finals – Joel Usback

Runner-up best & fairest – Henry Holdom
Coach’s award –  Rory Willix
Most improved – Zaki Basyoni

U12 Panthers
Runner-up best & fairest – Nate Pfitzner
Coach’s award – Will Connelly
Most consistent – Cooper Lees

U12 Cougars
Runner-up best & fairest – James Lum
Coach’s award – Max Lilley
Most consistent – Rhys Priestly

Runner-up best & fairest – Nicholas Eastaughffe
Coach’s award – Hikari Robinson
Most consistent – Brian Hynes
Best in finals – Kane Ongania


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